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  Activated Carbon Powder (Chemically Activated)
This form of activated carbons are manufactured from wood saw dust. The porous structure of chemically activated carbons have high developed macroporosity (large size pores) and to a much smaller extent mesoporosity. The chemically activated carbon made from saw dust produces activated carbon with an acidic pH.
Manufacturing process: The finely pulverized saw dust is saturated with concentrated phosphoric acid. It is than taken out dried and heated to 600°C in a rotary kiln. The activation takes place as the phosphoric acid evaporates from the saw dust. These leads to the opening of the pores which increases the surface area of the carbon.
Products obtained by fermentation processes can be purified using chemically activated carbons. It is specifically used in the purification of starch, glucose and sugar
Our standard specification of chemically activated carbons are as under.
Technical Specification of Chemically Activated Carbon
(Phosphoric Acid Activation)
  DCP-15 DCP-20 DCP-40
Methylene Blue Value min mg/gm 150 200 300
pH 5-6.5 5-6.5 5-6.5
Ash (%) Max  10    8    5
Moisture (%) Max  10   10   10
Acid Soluble Matter (%)    8     5     4
Kmno4 Adsorption  60   90   110
Particle Size (200 Mesh) (%)  90   90   90
Applications of Chemically Activated Carbon Powder :
It is used in decolorisation of liquids having impurities with larger pore size i.e. Sugar Solutions, Glucose, Dextrose, Lactose & other starch sugar solution.
Used in decolorisation of vegetable oils and fats and herbal products
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