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  Activated Carbon Granular
Granular activated carbons are made from rigid raw materials, giving the necessary hardness to avoid excessive losses due to attrition and handling. They present large internal surface of pore structure, ensuring high adsorption power in specific purposes and uses. They are used in fixed or moving beds as columns where the liquid or gas passes through and gets purified. They can be used in liquid or gas phase continous adsorption process and offer unusual economy in cases where carbon regeneration is favorable. In liquid phase applications they remove colloids and organic substances that give undesirable odors, colors and taste to the products. They are efficiently used for water dechlorination in processes which require super chlorination as well as the removal of organic substances from the water. In vapor phase application they participate in the solvent recovery, adsorption of colors, purification of carbon di-oxide and catalyst support. They are also used to reduce the COD and BOD in effluent waste water.
Granular activated carbon is produced from coconut shell charcoal by the process of steam activation. The coconut shell charcoal is fed into the rotary kiln and activated by steam at high temperatures resulting in the evaporation of impurities and opening up of pores on the surface. The resultant big particles are then crushed and sieved to get the desired particle size.
Our main grades of granular activated carbon are given as under. We can customize the iodine value as well as the particle size according to your requirements.
Technical Specification of Granular Activated Carbon
Properties Grades
  GL-50 GL-70 GL-100
Raw Material Coconut shell charcoal
Appearance Black granules Black granules Black granules
Particle Size Any sieve size Any sieve size Any sieve size
  4/8, 8/16, 8/30 4/8, 8/16, 8/30 4/8, 8/16, 8/30
  8/50, etc 8/50, etc 8/50, etc
Bulk Density 0.55±0.05 gm/cc 0.55±0.05 gm/cc 0.55±0.05 gm/cc
Carbon Tetra Chloride Adsorption 30% 45% 60%
Iodine Adsorption mg/gm 500mg/gm±25 750mg/gm±25 1000mg/gm±50
Total Surface Area (min) 500 m2/gm 750 m2/gm 1000 m2/gm
Ball Pan Hardness No. 95  90  90
pH 9 to 10 9 to 10 9 to 10
Ash Content 5% Max 5% Max 5% Max
Moisture 5% Max 5% Max 5% Max
Applications of Granular Activated Carbon :
It is used in effluent treatment plant to reduce BOD / COD/ color from industrial waste water.
It removes chlorine and organic impurities from drinking water in the last stage filtration in our common house hold filters.
It is used as adsorbent of poisonous gases in gas masks for industrial as well as defence purposes.
To adsorb moisture from compressed air in paint shops.
To dechlorinate waters in swimming pool and soft drink plant.
To remove oil from hot condensate.
Top quality granular activated carbons are used in the process of gold recovery in which the molten ore is passed over a bed of activated carbon where the gold is adsorbed on the carbon and recovered.
Used to manufacture catalyst..
Removal of dissolved organic impurities..
Breweries and distilleries.
Catalyst carrier in petroleum refineries.
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