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Welcome to AURO Carbon & Chemicals
Auro Carbon & Chemicals is engaged in the business of activated carbon since 1976. We manufacture and supply different types of activated carbon powder, granular, pellets and fibre to clients all around India. We also export activated carbon to our various clients spread all across the globe.
Activated Carbons are the most powerful adsorbents known. It is basically a solid material consisting mainly of pure carbon. A characteristic feature is its porous structure and the resulting immense surface area which may be as large as 1500 m2/gm. Due to its exceptional adsorption qualities, activated carbon is widely used in process destined to purify, discolor, recuperate and remove odors at low cost and superior efficiency.
Activated carbons work on the principle of adorption. Adsorption is an interfacial process involving the collection of gaseous or solute components on the surface of adsorbent solids. This phenomenon is associated with physical attractive forces that bind gaseous and solute molecules commonly known as Van-der-Waals forces.
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